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Google search ready for Panda 2.2 update- How to escape from Google panda

Google search ready for Panda 2.2 update- How to escape from Google panda

As we posted early in care4tech.com on April 2011 google updates its search engine algorithm to panda updates against content Farmers, content scrapers as well as spammers to prevent search quality. Lots of web portals affected due to panda updates.

Recently I read article from searchEngineLand about Google’s Matt Cutts interview during Tuesday’s keynote question-and-answer session with Danny Sullivan. for panda update version 2.2.

Recommend from Thangaraju Google Panda Vs Content Farmers Vs Spammers

Improved Scraper Detection

The next update will target a common webmaster complaint related to the original Panda/Farmer update: sites that scrape and re-publish content and are out-ranking the original source of the content.

“A change has been approved that should help with that issue,” Cutts said.

He also reiterated some previous Panda-related information:

* Google will continue to tweak and update the Panda algorithm.

* There’s no exact date yet for when Panda will launch fully beyond English-language searches.

How to Recover From Panda

Cutts also said there have been no manual exceptions made to sites that were wrongly affected, but there have been recompilations of data that may have helped some sites.

In particular, he noted that the Panda algorithm is run against Google’s entire index of pages on an infrequent basis, in order to tag certain sites that should be dinged by it, as opposed to some of its automatic spam detection tools.

For example, Google’s constantly scanning for pages that might use hidden text. If it spots them, then it may assess a penalty.

Google is not constantly scanning for pages that might get hit by its Panda penalty. Instead, Google manually runs that algorithm, which then determines web sites that should be hit by it.

This also means that making changes to a site hit by Panda won’t produce any immediate change in Google. Instead, such changes — if they are beneficial — wouldn’t get registered by Google until the next Panda assessment.

When is Panda run? Google didn’t say. But it seems to be something that runs every few weeks and in association with when the algorithm is improved (Panda 1.0, Panda 2.0, Panda 2.1, Panda 2.2, etc.)

Google planning to release its panda/Farmer updated version soon to restrict content farmer to develop search results.

In Panda’s April 2011 update most of bloggers are gone away due to search traffic down for their blog.

Thanks to Matt McGee (writer in searchengineland)for this preventing article for every blogger in the world.

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