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After google panda now penguin updates what’s next??

For the past one year most of the webmaster and bloggers hit by google’s panda updates every month frequently. As of now, google trying to out its panda version of 3+ and no more panda to kill your websites.  Let’s see what is mean by panda, penguin updates and where google’s lovable animal panda went? (Is panda gone to amazon forest or elsewhere?) In addition, from where penguin came from.

penguin updates matt tweets

photo credit: matt cutts twitter account via instagram

Panda sounds an animal word and used by google’s search engine algorithm updates to produce good search results to its users as panda kills search engine scrapers, spammers, content scraper, low quality sites and more.

After Feb 2011, most of the bloggers went to hell because of regular s**king panda updates even a pro-bloggers also looking dangerously.

Penguin update:

The penguin updates introduced on 24th April 2012 also a Google’s search algo updates that punish “keyword stuffing” sites also webmasters considered from recent penguin v1.1 updates with page layouts, loading time, low quality link building, backlinks and most importantly content. Matt Cutts, the head of google’s web spam team confirmed about penguin updates from his twitter account.

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Quick tips to kick out penguin:

Find out problems and reasons from penguin-affected site (traffic lost from April 24, 2012) then request to webmaster team.  Follow this link and tell your feedback about penguin updates with affected site.

I think, in feature the web content and SEO like On page & Off page optimization, quality link building  going to play big role among top sites and in top keywords.

So finally, panda not yet rested and goes for good content-targeted search result updates where as penguin for web spam target.

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